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What is a Health Care Speaker?

In health care (or any industry) make sure your speaker “gets” your audience

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Seminar Leader

For you folks who prefer to read, here’s the transcript to the video:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery from bradmontgomery.com with a little note to you about what is a health care speaker. I don’t know. Yeah, I do. Here’s the main point behind some of these niched phrases like health care speaker. The deal is, in the end, your audience knows if their speaker doesn’t get them. Your audience knows if there’s a huge disconnect and you can feel it.

We’ve all, I’m sure you’ve seen it too, you’ve been at a conference and there’s that speaker up there who’s just talking, bringing their speech kind of right out of a box and putting it on stage and saying, here it is, just delivering it rote. Sometimes they’ll customize it by dropping in the name of the client or a product that you’re working on or something like that.

Yeah, that’s not it. What your audience craves is a speaker that understands their needs, their joys, their sorrows, what makes them tick, what makes them stress, what they love, what makes them get up and want to go to work, the kinds of stuff they share with their workmates, the kinds of stuff they tell their spouse when they get home. Those are the kinds of things that they’re thinking about all the time and they pretty much demand in this completely overloaded media world that their speaker understands that.

So I’m a health care speaker and what that means to me is I’ve just worked so much for health care clients, I’ve worked a ton in hospice. I’ve worked a ton for different hospitals, health care associations, nurses associations, doctors associations, continuing medical education, continuing nursing education, all of that stuff.

I’ve just done it a bunch and because of that, there’s a snowball effect where at the beginning, there was a lot of research going on and now there’s still a lot of research because I do that for all my clients, but the starting place is different because I understand. Like when I’m in front of a bunch of nurses or a bunch of doctors or a bunch of health care administrators, I already know a whole bunch of what they’re dealing with. So when we talk about health care speaker, I think in this case it just means a speaker of any type, motivational speaker or inspirational speaker or even business speaker, but one of those things who gets your audience, who has experience in your industry and can deliver a guaranteed killer motivational speech.

A Motivational Speaker That Truly Understands Health Care Audience

Alright, that’s it. Health care speaker, whatever. I don’t know what the word really means, but in the end, make sure you’re booking a speaker that gets your audience. If you are a health care audience, if you got a hospital, if you’re an association, if you’ve got some sort of a health care organization and you’re looking for a speaker that’s energetic and fun and funny and who truly understands your audience and has enough testimonials to back up that, enough experience to guarantee that they’ll rock your audience, kapow, booyah, I’d love to be your guy.

Brad Montgomery, bradmontgomery.com and funnymotivationalspeakers.com.

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Not Hiring a CSP? You are an Idiot!

Hire a Certified Speaking Professional to Guarantee Your Success

Okay, maybe not guarantee but definitely improve the likelihood of your meeting being awesome.

What is a CSP?  Certified Speaking Professionals have earned the highest designation awarded by the National Speakers Association.

To be a CSP is a big deal.  You’ve got to do way more than just fill out a form.  They pretty much examine your career, they look at the number of jobs you do per year to make sure that you’ve done a lot, they look at the amount of income that you have earned through speaking to make sure that you are working professional events, and then, here’s the killer, they call an alarming number of your clients to make sure that you were delivering excellence.  When I earned my CSP I was told that fewer than 7% of professional speakers worldwide have earned their CSP.

What is the point?  The point is is that when you’re hiring a motivational speaker you want the very best.  And one easy litmus test that you could put up is to see if your prospective speaker has met the qualifications for this very straightforward designation.  If they have, you know a lot about them.  You know they’ve done a lot of work, you know they have a lot of experience, you know they’ve worked at a certain fee level which guarantees that they are not just working at the Optimist Club and the Lion’s Club, which by the way is important.

Just because somebody says that they’ve given a lot of speeches doesn’t mean they’ve given a lot of speeches in front of business audiences or audiences like yours.  What else do you know?  You know that somebody, at least one person, has checked up on the speaker to make sure that they’re not complete fluff – that it’s not just marketing.  You know that this speaker has met a certain level of professional success.

Make sure your speaker has the title, CSP after their name!

Happily, I’ve earned my CSP.  I’m proud of this!  It took hours and hours of paperwork.  My office went nuts for about six months trying to get this done.  Plus, of course, it meant an absolute headache with arranging a database.  But it was worth it to me because it is worth it to my clients.

Next time you’re considering hiring a speaker make sure your speaker has the initials CSP after their name.

Are you looking for a professional motivational speaker who also is a CSP, Certified Speaking Professional?  I hope you will contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Certified Speaking Professional, and proud of it!

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