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Can Your Motivational Speaker Multi-Task?

We now present the fourth in a series of articles about:

How to work with your motivational keynote speaker to get the most from your conference investment

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Brad Montgomery,

Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Loves to Multi-Task

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For those folks who would rather read than watch, here is the video transcript:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery from bradmontgomery.com with another tip or suggestion on getting the most return on an investment from your motivational or inspirational speaker.  Well today the plan is find a speaker who can do more than one thing for you.  So that means can your speaker do multiple things for you at your single event?

So why is this important?  Well I think it’s important for two reasons.  One, I think it’s an easy way to get a huge increase in value with only a minimal increase in investment.  So what do I mean?  I’m talking about if you hire a speaker to do a keynote speech, what else can they do?  Are they an MC?  Can they be a Master of Ceremonies?  Can they do entertainment after dinner?

One of the things I do is a little energy boost, game show segments to help boost the energy throughout the day.  I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas about team building, doing lunches and dinners.  I’ve got a  million ideas because I’ve been at this so long, just kind of whole big back of tricks.  So some of my favorite clients are the ones that say, “Brad, we’ve got you here; how can we get more out of you?”  And the result is really fun.

So the first benefit is you save a lot of money ‘cause you’ve already got your speaker there, you’ve paid for the travel and the increase really is not that much.  So in other words, if you have one speaker do two things you’re not paying twice as much.  It’s like Costco.

Get The Most Out Of Brad While He’s Already At Your Event!

All right, but the other reason why this is such a great idea is once your motivational speaker or keynote speaker has connected with your audience and your audience has connected with them, it’s really cool to follow up with that connection and get the most out of that connection.

So what do I mean?  Let me give you an example.  If, for example, I work in the morning as your keynote speaker.  Then we laugh and we’re going to make that audience just crack up and they’re going to start to know me and they’ll know how I think and how I feel and they’ll start to understand my sense of humor.  Which means that if I come back an hour and a half later to introduce the next speaker or to head up some sort of team building experience or to even just do the like housekeeping notes, just deliver those boring items but in a really fun and upbeat way, what the audience thinks to themselves is, “Oh goodie, he’s back.  This guy’s funny,” and it raises the energy in the room.  And the reason the energy increase is important is ‘cause it makes sure that your people are ready to learn and ready to receive value from your meeting or your conference not just during the keynote speech, but all the way through.  Pretty cool idea, huh?

The other advantage to using one speaker for multiple events is it saves time and it’s sort of a complex thought, so stick with me.  As a motivational speaker one of the most important parts of my job is the first few minutes of any speech because that’s when the audience is sizing me up.  That’s when I really need to make sure that they understand me and get me.  And only after they understand me and trust me can I start to teach them.  And if you think about it, that appeals to your common sense.  It’s always that way no matter who you’re learning from.  First you have to trust your teacher, and only then do you start to learn.

Brad entertaining an audience in Las Vegas

Well once we have invested that time and energy to get your audience to know me and trust me and like me, that means each additional time I’m in front of that audience we get to start way ahead.  We don’t have to start back at the beginning; we can just start at the point after they already know me and trust me and they’re ready to laugh and learn.  So it’s a really cool way to get a little bit of extra time.  You get it?

So here’s a very specific example.  If I give a keynote speech, the first 10 or 15 minutes really is getting them to know me and like me and trust me.  But then if we follow it with a breakout session, we can start out the breakout session on minute one for some hard hitting, you know, techniques and ideas that they can implement right away ‘cause we don’t have to do that warm up.  We can just say, “Hey, it’s good to have you here.  I’m flattered that the room is full.  Lets start.”  And you can.  You don’t have to do the blah, blah, blah.  All right, I like the blah, blah, blah.  Because that’s where the jokes are usually.  But I know that you want return on your investment when you’re hiring a motivational speaker, and that’s why you’re looking at this video.

All right, I hope that was helpful.  My name is Brad Montgomery, and I’d love to be part of your team and I’d love to be helping you to get a huge return on your speaker investment.  So give us a call.  You can find us at bradmontgomery.com.  Or funnymotivationalspeakers.com. You can click the links down there.  I don’t know where they are.  You’ll find them.   Have a great day.

Check the Fine Print – Is There a Guarantee?

We now present the third in a series of articles about:

How to work with your motivational keynote speaker to get the most from your conference investment

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Brad Montgomery,
Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, I Guarantee You’ll Be Satisfied

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For those folks who would rather read than watch, here is the video transcript:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery with another tip for working with motivational speakers and keynote speakers. So one of the questions I’d like to have you ask your potential motivational speaker is this: “What’s your guarantee policy?” And then listen, and if the person you’re talking to starts to squirm and “Mm hmm” and “Well…” and “Uh…” well then you got the wrong guy. So let me tell you about my guarantee policy is, you know, I’m like Walmart: you’re not happy you get your money back.

But let me tell you how I came up with that policy. I really was by accident. I never really thought **** and I never publicized it; it just came through two facts. One, I’ve been doing this for 25 years and no one’s been unhappy. No one has ever said, “That was a nightmare. Can I have my money back?” That’s nice. But the second thing is I’d be horrified if they did, and of course they wouldn’t even ask me to give their money back, I’d be throwing money at them because I’d be so horrified if it went badly. So, you know, that kind of fact turned into a publicized policy, which is “Of course I guarantee it.”

Make Sure Your Speaker Can Guarantee Success

So here’s what I know though. I know that the investment in your speaker is one of the smallest investments you’re making for your meeting or your convention. I know that when you add up all the food costs and the venue costs and the travel costs and the insurance costs and the production costs, I know when you add up all these things really paying for the speaker, it’s not like it’s free – I know it’s a line item for you – but it’s really not the most expensive thing. So you want to guarantee not just that your speaker will pay you back if it was a disaster – which again, of course I would and anybody, if you’re hiring a pro they would – but you really want to make sure that someone can guarantee success, period.

Brad offers a 100 percent money back guarantee on all his programs

So I think that there’s a kind of a question behind the question, and it really is, “Speaker” or “Brad, can you guarantee success?” And I really think fees are often an indicator of the level of guarantee of success you can expect from your motivational speaker. So a very low fee means you might a very good speaker, but maybe not ‘cause the level of guarantee isn’t that high. And then as peoples experience grows and their credentials grow and their number of raving clients grow and their calendar becomes more busy, you as a buyer have a much greater level of guarantee of success, don’t you? Sure.

So next time you’re talking to a potential keynote speaker, motivational speaker, ask, “What’s your policy about guarantees?” And I want you to think though about not just the financial return of monies if you get a lousy speaker, but also, you know, what’s it going to be like for you if your speaker bombs? So what, you get your money back. You’ve jeopardized an incredibly important meeting and I know that you don’t want to do that.

Well my name’s Brad Montgomery. I would love to be your speaker. I offer a very high level of guaranteed success, both financially and in every other way, and I’d love to be part of your team. Give us a call. You can find us at funnymotivationalspeakers.com or bradmontgomery.com. Thanks so much. Lets talk.

A Good Introduction For Your Keynote Speaker Sets The Stage For a Successful Event

We now present the second in a series of articles about:

How to work with your motivational keynote speaker to get the most from your conference investment

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Brad Montgomery,
Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Would Love To Be Introduced to YOUR Audience

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For those folks who would rather read than watch, here’s the transcript:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery, funnymotivationalspeakers.com, with another idea how to deal with, how to work with motivational speakers.  Today’s video is about introductions.  It’s your job to introduce your speaker, and I want you to take that job seriously. 

All right, so what do I mean?  Introductions are crucial for a motivational speaker, and the reason why is because that’s the chance the audience has to size up the speaker before your speaker comes on the stage.  And as you know, the first 30, 60, 90 seconds that your speaker is onstage are crucial.  That’s when your audience is judging and really evaluating your speaker.  And if you can give them sort of a head start, which you can with a good introduction, you’re really making a great choice.  You’re really doing the right thing.

Ask Your Speaker For An Introduction You Can Use

So how do you do this?  It’s easy.  All you have to do is ask your speaker, “What do I need to do for your introduction?”  And by the way, if your speaker doesn’t have a clue about that, you’ve chosen the wrong speaker.  I’m a speaker.  I want to be your guy. 

Let me tell you about my introduction.  I’ve got an introduction that’s been honed, you know, over a thousand presentations.  It’s funny, it’s concise, it’s relevant, it gets the audience excited.  It’s easy to read for my clients or the CEO, whoever’s reading it.  It’s a great introduction.  All you have to do is ask me for the introduction, to ask me a couple questions about “How do you want me to deliver this,” and I’ll make it easy for you to do a great job.  So if your speaker doesn’t have that stuff, you know you’ve chosen the wrong speaker.

As a little appendix, a little addendum, one more idea, do the stuff your speaker asks.  So let me give you an example.  I’ve got this introduction that, again, it just works.  I’ve done it so much it works.  I know it works because I’ve done it so much.  You want me to do something that’s good, so I’ll give you the thing. 

But then many times my clients will end up adding a little quip, add a little aside, add a little joke, they’ll interrupt, they’ll comment upon the introduction, you know.  They’ll comment upon the phrase they just read.  It doesn’t work.  What it does is it takes a completely honed tight piece – and that’s really what it is.  My introduction, it’s shtick.  It’s funny, it gets the audience ready.  They take this piece of shtick and they completely trash it.  So don’t do that. 

Ask your speaker what they want.  If they give you something, read it, do whatever else they ask and get off stage.  And enjoy what you’ve bought.  Watch your audience be transformed.

All right, you know, I hope you know that I would love to be your guy.  I would love to be your motivational speaker. 

Give us a call.  You can reach us through bradmontgomery.com or funnymotivationalspeakers.com

We’ll send you the introduction.  We’ll tell you all you want to know about introductions, and we’ll make sure that your experience is fun, meaningful, valuable and fun.  Did I mention fun?  I think it ought to be fun.  Thanks for your time.  Make it a great day.