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Our Most Requested Programs:

Ordinary Magic:

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The Art of Being Reminded how Astonishing Life Is!
Smell the flowers. Giggle with kids. Laugh more because the best secret magicians have is that magic is all around us. Life is fun & funny, and filled with magic. Excellent keynote and seminar.

Presto Change-O:

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A magician’s guide to laughing at change.
A hilarious program that emphasizes using humor when our lives take a detour. “It’s gonna happen anyway, so we might as well learn to laugh at it.”

Stack Your Deck For Success:

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A Magicians Reveals the Secrets to Getting What You Want Out of Life.

A high-energy, high-content, motivational (and very funny) break out, keynote and seminar.

Make Me a Deal Game Show:

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Corporate Game Show.
Audience participation, prizes, comedy and a even a bit of magic.

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