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Brad Talks Fun and Customer Experience to Employees at Enterprise Bank in MA

Brad had a blast working with employees at Enterprise Bank in MA recently. Here are video testimonials from employees about what his message meant to them.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Fan of Enterprise Bank

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For you folks who prefer to read, here’s the transcript to the video:

Speaker:  It turned out to be great.  Employees loved it.  I suggest you look him up and take him up on speaking at your next event.  Thank you.

Brad with audience:  What?  What?  Did I miss something?  What did I miss?      So here’s the deal.  We’re going to talk today about connecting fun and levity with excellence and what I love about you is you already get that.  Enterprise, you guys are experts at this.  You know, fun place to work, whatever.

Jamie:  Hi, I’m Jamie Gabriel.  I work for Enterprise Bank.  I’m the Senior Human Resources Manager and I just had the pleasure of working with Brad Montgomery on a all-employee meeting session.  Brad was lively and engaging and of course, as you would have expected, humorous.  His presentation was filled with excellent stories that people could take back and apply within their own life and he also brought in some of our own business challenges that we wanted to consider and he had some humor to those as well.

Next speaker:  Well, we have two sessions that Brad’s speaking at.  The morning session’s already happened, got a lot of great feedback.  People loved it, lots of laughs and we’re looking forward to his afternoon performance.

Jamie:  We had two sessions, one in the morning and Brad’s presentation was all the buzz throughout the course of the day.  So employees loved it, they felt energized and they left feeling like they could make a difference and be humorous in their own work environments.

Brad with audience:  What if I gave you a couple of specific ways to stay happy, to remind yourself to stay happy?  Would that be helpful?  Of course it would because we spend so much of our time at work. 

Fun at work makes us better at work

Doesn’t it make sense to invest some energy, some calories into making sure that time at work is fun?  And the science backs us up.  We know this.  We know that if we’re better, or we’re having fun at work, we’re better at work.  We’re healthier, right?  Wellness?  We saw that.  We’re healthier, we’re better, we’re more resilient.  We’re everything we need to be.  Customer experience is easier.  I just dropped that customer experience in there because it’s in my contract, so.

Next speaker:  Brad really had them laughing and his message hit home for our employees.

Next speaker:  Yes, actually, I would say Brad’s experience as a certified speaking professional, you can tell that he’s taken the time to get to know the company and you don’t always get that with other speakers.  So I think this is probably one of the best ones we’ve had so far.

I love working with banks and I’d love to be on your team to bring a laugh-out-loud message of fun and your bottom-line. Call me, we’ll put together an unforgettable experience for your next meeting! Brad

“Absolutely the funniest, the most engaging, the most entertaining.”

Bill King
Vice-President, McCormick & Schmick’s Restaurants

Brad got the group energized. And I have to tell you that of all of the speakers that we’ve had over the last three or four conferences since we’ve renewed this process, Brad just blew them all out of the water. He was absolutely the best, the funniest, the most engaging, the most entertaining. And as a result the message gets across real easy.

Doug Schmick
Founder & CEO, McComick & Schmick’s Restaurants

And I have to tell you, it was so impactful. And what was very special about his presentation was that he took the time to understand the issues and our culture and so he customized the approach and put the emphasis on the primary issues that were what our meeting was all about. And it was just so meaningful to have a key note speaker bring people into laughter, but also make it a meaningful quality presentation.

Bill King:

I’ll tell you one of the best things about it was the great connection he made with our people. I mean he was able to weave his message and all of his comedy and his magic and so on into our industry into our specific corporate culture which was absolutely critical. I mean everybody got his message and made a very specific connection for it.

“We are definitely going to bring him back to our next program”

Hi my name is Lara Cassidy and I work for Northrup Grumman. And we just had Brad Montgomery at one of our leadership events and he did a fabulous job. We are definitely going to bring him back to our next program in October. We, I was a little hesitant. I told him before he went on stage that hey Brad my job is on the line. If this is not going to work out then I’m going to be walking out the door and I’m probably going to lose my job because I’ve never seen you live in person. And he did well, he did a great job. He had my audience laughing hysterical. He customized a lot of his jokes to some of the challenges and the issues that we’re facing in our organization which was key which really got our audience to believe in him, believe in, you know laugh at his jokes. He was more of a credible speaker because of that and we just think he did a fabulous job. Thanks Brad. We’ll bring you back in a couple months.

“The tone was right, the message was exactly right”

Hi, I’m Jim Wilson. I’m the President of Craneware. And we just got finished with a session where we used Brad Montgomery as our motivational speaker and it was absolutely the right tone. The fun that he brought to the group; the attitude that he created with all of the people who are out in the room. You know you reach a point during a conference where everything gets a little flat and people are tired of looking at power points and all those types of things to bring in somebody that can lift the spirits of that team, get everybody excited about what we’re doing and get them ready for the next thing they do that’s probably going to be boring is just, it was perfect. The tone was right, the message was exactly right. He took a little bit of time to learn about who we are, how we fit into our industry, who some of our competition was. And it was; I couldn’t say enough about the job that he did for us in the very short period of time that he was with us. So, thank you again very much Brad and you’re welcome to call me if you’d like a recommendation.

Ann Marie Brown
Vice-President of Marketing, Craneware

Hi, I’m Ann Marie Brown; I’m the Vice-President of Marketing for Craneware. And Brad just finished his presentation for us and it was really fabulous. I know I looked at lots of, lots of different people to come speak at our conference and finding Brad was the best thing we could’ve done. He really took the time to learn about our organization and incorporate that into the presentation. He was right on in his messaging. Everyone left with a great attitude and had a great time. And so we are so thankful that he was with us today. Thanks.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brad Montgomery

If someone asked me, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brad Montgomery.  I think he can be a great help to your organization.  And I encourage everybody out there to consider Brad Montgomery when you’re looking into a motivational speaker.

You know there is a non-traditional approach to a motivational session with all of your employees.  But I thought the approach worked well.

Our organization works hard and we face a number of challenges and problems in our daily business.  And we decided to use Brad Montgomery in an all-employee meeting to face some of those challenges.

I’ll tell you this, I’m glad we used Brad.  He was terrific.  He interjected humor and levity into a presentation that was inspirational and fun and really had our people engaged.

You know Brad was funny and his humor was excellent.  But the way he was able to intertwine humor and levity with some of the business challenges that we face and make the program meaningful to all of our employees I thought really worked well.  And I admire his ability to take those kind of tactics and immerse them into discussion and the back and forth with the audience that we had going.  It was excellent.

These days it’s very difficult to get through to staff.  They work hard, they’re separated in many instances and yet he was able to I think reflect on a number of points that were positive and injected energy into our staff.  And that was important.  That was something we needed coming out of the meeting and Brad certainly did that.

And I would tell anybody out there, if you get the chance, use Brad Montgomery.  He can be very helpful to your business in allowing you to get your employees together, achieve your goals, and become a more successful operation, and a better operation.