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Answers to common questions about finding, choosing, and using the right speaker.

Will You Guarantee Success?

Sure. Guaranteed or your money back. As long as you put Brad on a proper stage at a proper time, we guarantee that you’ll be thrilled. It’s as simple as that.

We don’t mind telling you that in over 20 years, this has never come up. Brad’s tried and true. He has a black belt in professional speaking. (Well, he bought it at Macy’s, but it is black.) He stakes his reputation each time he walks out on the platform.. Of course he’ll back it up with his wallet.

What’s the Process for Hiring a Speaker?

Easy Peasy! Just contact us with what you need, what you’re trying to accomplish, when and where you’re event is and we’ll check Brad’s availability. Our job is to make it easy for you to hire Brad — and we’re good at it.

Once you’ve decided, we’ll send a super-easy one-page contract. Seriously. One page. (We’re proud of it.) We’ll also send you introductions, audio visual needs (which are ridiculously simple) and a quick pre-program-questionairre to start the process of educating Brad on the ins and outs of your organization. For most clients we require a 50% deposit to secure the date. Our office will arrange all of the travel and logistics.

We know that planning a meeting or convention is a big job, and our goal is to make booking your motivational speaker the easiest part of the whole shabang.

And of course if there is anything special you need (paperwork, info, articles, etc.) just let us know and we’ll get it to you pronto.

How Long is a Motivational Keynote? What about Seminars?

Depends. How long do you want it to be? Seriously, the answer is up to you. Brad once was hired to work in France for a 20 minute program, and he’s done full day seminars for the US Government.

If you’re looking for a motivational keynote, then the most common length is between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. The basic rule of thumb is fairly obvious: the longer you have Brad speak, the more he can get into the details, the techniques, and the take-away wisdom. But Brad knows how meetings and conventions work: they are often already jammed and finding the extra time is a problem.

No sweat. Remember that Brad is more interested in being your partner than just doing a one-off job and never see you again. Just contact us and we’ll try to figure out the best way to help you fulfill your goals in the time that is best for you.

Seminars? For organizations eager to get deeper into the learning and who really want lasting behavior change, then Brad can help with a 1/2 day seminar or a full-day seminar.

The seminars pack the high energy experience and humor of the keynotes, but they go into greater depth. They are targeted towards getting your people to leave with a short list of things they will actually incorporate and implement based on their time in Brad’s session.

What’s the Deal on “Safe” Humor? Humor Can Go So Wrong…

Yup, this is a real concern. You want it to be funny, but you don’t want to offend. You’ve heard the stories about the joke that went bad….

No problem. We understand, and Brad’s programs are not just clean, they are sparkling clean. Brad doesn’t make fun of anybody or anything. No jokes about sex, race, or any “ism” out there.

Brad’s feeling about how close you can come to the line without crossing over is simple — he doesn’t come anywhere near the neighborhood of the line! He’s so clean his Granny approved.

Nobody will notice; if your audience walks out of the presentation saying, “That motivational speaker was hilarious and he didn’t even offend anybody!” than we’ve missed the goal. Instead, people will laugh (and laugh hard) because Brad is genuinely funny. And they won’t event notice that he is totally clean — they’ll be too busy laughing.

Brad understands your concerns about wanting “funny” but requiring absolutely clean. But you can ask his clients from the Air Force to Microsoft to The Central Intelligence Agency to the Southeast Denver Kiwanis Club about Brad’s track record. He hits a home run, leave’s them laughing, and nobody will be even the slightest bit offended.

Need more proof that Brads humor is military-safe, corporate-safe, and all-around-safe — but still very, VERY funny? Ask Brad’s Granny.

We Can’t Afford A Top Motivational Speaker. What Next?

Sure you can.

What we mean is that you might consider your budget. Your people will remember the killer awesome funny motivational speaker long after they have forgotten the slightly better chicken dish, the upgraded center pieces, and the fact that they got a brownie instead of a cookie.
Seriously, I’ve been amazed at how many conventions can’t afford a top speaker but instead allocate their money towards stuff their attendees will never remember. Do you want this year’s meeting to rock? Reconsider how you allocate your budget.

Second, Brad works closely with corporate sponsors and has many ideas how to both provide value for sponsors — and in turn get those sponsors to open their wallets and help you to afford the top speaker instead of second tier speaker. Want to learn more about sponsorship and how we can help you with that process? Contact us. We’d be happy to chat and share some great success stories and resources.

How Do We Know If Our Speaker is Any Good?

We talked about this before: you need to check the testimonials and references. But in addition, we’re convinced that you need to chat with your potential motivational speaker. On the phone. No secretaries. No speakers bureaus. You need to talk direct. Does he seem pleasant? Does he seem to understand your needs? Is he willing to shape his program around your needs, desired outcomes and goals? Does he feel more like a partner or more like a contractor?

Do your homework…. it will pay off. We promise.

What’s the Biggest Mistake In Choosing a Speaker?

Oooh. There are so many. We’ll give you three quickie mistakes:

1. Don’t hire a speaker simply to fill up a space in your meeting or convention. Hire a speaker to help you accomplish a specific goal; to create a specific behavior change; to deliver a specific message.

Not sure how best to use Brad? No sweat…just ask us and we’ll give you some ideas how to not just hire a motivational speaker, but to accomplish a goal. We’ll help you make your meeting a mad success.

2. Make sure your speaker is able to customize his program to your people, your group, your needs and your goals. You need somebody relevant to your audience. And without some customization that’s pretty much impossible.

Brad customizes his programs. Your people will experience something that can’t be repeated. (Yes…. it’s an experience. It’s not a speech.)

Why a Funny Motivational Speaker?

Because your audience will love you for it. Because people want and need to laugh. And because after — or before — a full day of learning your folks have earned a break.

But most of all, because laughter is totally consistent with Brad’s message of bringing levity, lightheartedness and our senses of humor along with us to the work. Humor in the workplace? You betcha. How better to deliver that message than with a laugh-out-loud funny motivational speaker?

How to Choose a Motivational Speaker?

There are several things to consider. First, make sure they are good. As you well know, anybody with enough cash can toss up a good website. So check your speakers references. How many are there? Are they organizations you’ve heard of? Can you see any videos of people raving about your perspective speaker?

But go one step further: ask for references. Recent references. Expect emails and phone numbers.

Finally, make sure your speaker has experience with YOUR type of audience. Can he relate? Will your folks realize that your speaker “gets” them? How do you know? Ask your perspective motivational speaker: “Do you have experience with organizations like mine?” And then ask them to prove it. Seriously…. anybody can type that they are a “Top Motivational Speaker.” But before you send your deposit check, you should ask for — and receive — social proof.

Brad has worked in this biz for over 2 decades. He has tons of clients in dozens of industries ready to stand behind him and sing his praises. Ask us — we’re happy to introduce them to you.